Tailor Design your Special Garment

With our being we will bless you with a truly powerful logo and design that represents You, Balance and Power

Diligent King


-Listen. In-


PRess PLAy

Famous Park Steps.jpg

 Peace to you for finding this Site

Diligent King announces it’s official launch on new years! Here’s One to the New Year!

Capital Calling & J Pinnacle are Constructing a Creative website for you to enjoy, use, get involved with as part of building a solid community.

You may also purchase your Diligent King Merchandise from the Purchase Page 


The times are changing and so are we; our uniquely designed logo stands for power and balance. Of which there is a great calling in the world for, so be part of our social message of peace by sporting our 47 gear.

Our business name will be changing to a more universal and unisex name very soon!

If you have any Ideas or would like to get involved, email us at diligentkingc@gmail.com

New 47 Design Coming very soon, potentially the second half of January!

What To expect in the near future?

Music, Poetry, art and our revolutionary 47 designs…



 ‘The new generation of art and music” – is soon to be published

What we believe

ΑTalent – “what we see as a treasure – specifically, our silver!”

“Mined for and then refined, molded and defined! Brilliance it what you shall find!” Ω

Our Work And what We can do for You

T Shirt Designs and Logos + other desired medium for designs to be printed on.

Lyrics, Spoken word & Performances

Song Collaboration and Production

Paintings and Drawings

Peace OF Heart – J Pinnacle


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